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    1. lethum's Avatar
      lethum -
      This is so cool! Also, I'm testing this to see how comments show up. Please don't mind me.
    1. Twelveseal's Avatar
      Twelveseal -
      What... What has become of the Lair! I canna' find anything!
    1. ffure21's Avatar
      ffure21 -
      some pages turns to "404 - Not Found" why?

      like these guys:
    1. Mike1984's Avatar
      Mike1984 -
      The URL has changed slightly. Use "forums.nrvnqsr.com" rather than "nrvnqsr.com/forums".
    1. Just another guy's Avatar
      Just another guy -
    1. Kotonoha's Avatar
      Kotonoha -
      Calm down guys, the space robots will protect us.
    1. Milbunk's Avatar
      Milbunk -
      By Shoving of course.
    1. Kotonoha's Avatar
      Kotonoha -
      No, no, by pushing.
    1. Milbunk's Avatar
      Milbunk -
      Pushing is inferior, the people of BL must be shoved.
    1. Kotonoha's Avatar
      Kotonoha -
      Do you have stairs in your house?
    1. Milbunk's Avatar
      Milbunk -
      Depends, how many stairs are needed to protect people from the terrible secret of space?
    1. Mike1984's Avatar
      Mike1984 -
      Hey, don't knock space. I happen to quite like it....
    1. Kotonoha's Avatar
      Kotonoha -
      That's all well and good Mike, but you need to be protected from its terrible secret.

      Please go stand by the stairs.
    1. Nobody's Place's Avatar
      Nobody's Place -
      I'm lost already.
    1. SeiKeo's Avatar
      SeiKeo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mike1984 View Post
      Hey, don't knock space. I happen to quite like it....
      So Mike is the Space Sphere painted purple?
    1. mewarmo990's Avatar
      mewarmo990 -
      Whatever you do, don't tell Nolan North.

    1. Dark Pulse's Avatar
      Dark Pulse -
      You're all forgetting the bread.
    1. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
      ItsaRandomUsername -
      Posting in epic post.
    1. Twelveseal's Avatar
      Twelveseal -
      Remember folks, when traveling in space, make sure to have your Guide. And your towel. Never forget the towel.
    1. Delcer's Avatar
      Delcer -
      Had to clear my cache in order to access this site again. My computer kept redirecting me to the old forum page which gave me 404 even though I used the new address.
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