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    Lord El Melloi II Case Files

    "he had begun to become aware the things his friends had." -> "he had begun to become aware of the things his friends had."

    Skittles Today, 09:17 PM Go to last post
    King of Padoru

    Create-A-Servant 3

    (Still under construction. Please be patient).

    Welcome to the third edition of Create-A-Servant, where you copy-paste information

    King of Padoru Today, 09:06 PM Go to last post

    Fate/Grand Order - English

    Doubtful. Salter manages to reach ST levels with her AoE NP.

    eddyak Today, 09:05 PM Go to last post

    Create-A-Servant 2

    Yup, as a distant ancestor(via Io), as his great grandfather(via Danae), and as his father.

    Valfodr Today, 08:57 PM Go to last post
    Wandering Swordwoman


    I'm on 1-11 and already have trouble since I forcing my tank and vanguard to take care two lanes. The fast deployment unit become so useful

    Wandering Swordwoman Today, 08:51 PM Go to last post
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    King of Padoru

    Create-A-Servant 2

    I'm the one to blame for Archer Lilith. She was listed as the god of world-0's in my own compilation.

    The first CaS's index has the alternative classes listed as well. I can't speak for...

    King of Padoru January 9th, 2020 09:43 PM


    When you feed Mashu a lot of white chocolate and she poops in a cup.

    Depletion_Garden January 3rd, 2020 09:15 AM

    .servant sheets.

    [12.29.2019]: A place to hold all the Servant sheets I come to publish from now on.
    For now, it's definitely a bit empty, so I hope you can be patient!

    WhiteFrenzy December 30th, 2019 11:21 PM

    Well I survived Japan

    Did a day of Comiket(wish I was free for more but it wasn't exactly planned well lol). Met up with the crew. Saw a Gundam. Played the original [email protected] arcade so now I'm a true producer unlike all...

    Depletion_Garden December 30th, 2019 02:44 PM