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    General News Thread

    Which is why you go to their districts and hold rallies/support primary challengers if they don't fall in line. Obama won in '08 by massive margins and

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    Fate/Grand Order - English

    Pretty sure all of them died before they actually Rayshifted, so none of Team A was able to summon anyone. Cas!Cu was already from that place

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    General News Thread

    yeah I remember the big ass fights in 2008. it wasnt really about negotiating with the republicans (though they did try) but more about getting their

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    General News Thread

    I used to think this was the main design flaw of the modern Democratic party. Now I believe this is the party's ultimate goal.


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    Unpopular TM opinions you have

    Annoy thread is criticism of TM work.
    Unpopular opinion is criticism of perceived fandom consensuses or conventional wisdom.

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    Fate/Requiem (Spoilers Thread)

    Eliwoodisshirousbiologicalfather March 28th, 2020 02:05 PM

    Weird Dream Play

    I dreamed about this last night. It may turn out like a bad creepypasta or a bad story plot, but here it goes.

    I dreamt that I was one of the testers for a game. There’s no title, just a dark...

    hayate March 15th, 2020 11:34 AM