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    1. rajvir's Avatar
      rajvir -
      Somehow all my subscription's have vanished anyone's know's what's going on. IRUN told me that it was an april's fool joke but a few day's have past and my subsciption's still are not back.
    1. Mike1984's Avatar
      Mike1984 -
      Yeah, they're not going to come back. If they were lost due to the April Fool's joke, then they're gone for good.
    1. Zevrand's Avatar
      Zevrand -
      Nice little
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      Just hanging out there.
    1. Neir's Avatar
      Neir -
      what, this is an article?
    1. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
      Strife ❤️ -
      9/10 page would post on again
    1. aldeayeah's Avatar
      aldeayeah -
      what the christ